Welcome to Reliable Pawn Shop
Reliable Pawn Shop is Simi Valley’s only premium pawn experience, tailor suited to our valley’s unique ‘little country in the big city’ climate.  Stop into our shop, 7 days a week, and discover an outpost stocked with a diverse assortment of musical instruments, amplification and recording equipment, high-end electronics, premium gold and diamond jewelry, and industrial-strength power tools, all from quality world brands like Gibson, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bose, and Apple.  We are a buy / pawn / sell / trade establishment that has become a thriving part of the Simi landscape, since opening in 2010.  Reliable is your one stop shop–from giving cash loans on the spot, to supplying our customers with life essentials such as data storage devices, guitar picks, straps, and strings, watch batteries, electronics cables and wiring, and cell phone chargers–we are here to provide you with whatever you need.  We also offer computer repair and jewelry testing services, and have a rental program for high-end recording equipment and tools.  We pawn a larger variety of items, and pay more for specific items, than any other shop within a thousand miles.  So if you live within a hundred of those miles, count your lucky stars and stop in!  Don’t take our word for it, shop around, and once you’re ready to establish a reliable relationship with our shop, we would be thrilled to make your experience worthwhile.  Reliable Pawn Shop–you can Rely on us being Able to help you.


I can't begin to explain how awesome everyone at Reliable are. These guys know what they are talking about and they have just about anything that you could ever need. Whether you are pawning something, buying something, or just selling something, you can count on getting exceptional service.

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Steven Modolo

This shop is great! The staff here is very friendly and very knowledgeable on almost everything! They have everything here and will do what it takes so you leave here feeling happy not like you were just taken advantage of! They will even put items on layaway or take payments! They are wonderful so stop by and you will be glad you did.

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Gary Hainline Jr

These guys are awesome! Very nice people, great customer service and I got the exact loan I was looking for! I found a CD of a band I haven't heard of in years and the guy just gave it to me; might not seem like much, but it totally made my day! I'll be back for sure!

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Andre Linecker

This place is legit & friendly ! The staff is great , the service is great & you get good deals ! They have a lot of different things & a good variety of product. If you ever need a to pawn or sell ANYTNING , look no further this shop is it ! Thanks guys !

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Jesus Ubario

Man staff is great guy that helped me out was cool chill nd honest. He took items from me he really didn't want just to help me out. ND they work with u as well. Great place not only did they get me as a person who pawns but buys as well, prices on their inventory r amazing! thanks RPS!!

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Jerry Lewis